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Daily Photo: Castle Mountain

Today’s photo is of Castle Mountain in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Bow River is flowing by in the foreground. As always, let me know if you would like to enjoy any of my photos on your desktop or wall. And if you like it, why not ‘like’ it on Facebook below the photo.


Daily Photo: Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon is located in Banff National Park. It’s a pleasant walk through what really should be called a gorge. I got this time exposure at one of the waterfalls along the trail.

Vermillion Lakes – Banff National Park

We went out to Vermillion Lakes hoping for a nice sunset despite the overcast weather. Nothing happened for a good while. We were about to leave, as we thought the sun had gone down already and we wanted avoid the incoming rain that you can see on the left of the photo, when the sun broke through onto Mt Rundle. The rainbow came a little later and added to the already spectacular scene.

Why So Much Morbidity?

Another week has passed and it’s one week closer to the holidays. This week I’ve got a short post along with a link to a video from the Onion News Network. Don’t just read my thoughts, make sure you watch the clip too. Today’s photos are from Arches National Park, Utah, and another from Emerald Lake, in Canada. As for the video, please leave a comment – I’m curious to see what your thoughts are. Continue reading

Green Paradise

Good news. I recovered my photo library over the weekend so I am very happy about that! I will not be making mistakes like that for a long time. I have published a Desktop Wallpapers page this weekend too. If there are any of my photos that you would like for that purpose but are not available full size, please leave a comment and I may be able to upload a larger version. Today’s photos come from Montana and British Columbia — Glacier and Yoho National Parks respectively. My three part series on shining your light concludes this week also.

Let me know your thoughts! Continue reading

The Journey So Far – A Few Thoughts & Memories

It has been an amazing past four weeks and at the time of writing this we will have landed at home in only two weeks. We have seen some wonderful places though. And the next two weeks are going to be packed of more amazing and different scenery than what we have already seen.

To sum up the trip so far we started from spectacular Yosemite where we saw our first bear; Crater Lake where we had to fight off all the mosquitos; Mount Rainier where we almost froze our fingers off; Canada where the scenery was breathtaking; all the way to Yellowstone where the wildlife is abundant and the landscape is beautiful in it’s own way. I’ve posted more than 20 photos here to give you some idea of what we have been doing but that’s such a small percentage of the 2700+ that I’ve taken.

Our list of wildlife not found in Australia that we have spotted is growing and includes numerous black bears and elk, a cougar, and plenty of bison.

We’ve still got the desert regions of southern Utah – Arches, Zion & Bryce National Parks along with Monument Valley – and the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona in our itinerary. Could be another 2000 photographs yet to come!

The distance of almost 5000 miles so far has been one not to forget! I’m super keen to repeat this trip in the future some time.

Canada Update

Canada has been amazing! We haven’t had the opportunity to stop much in the last week and have seen so much. In fact I have taken almost as many photos here in Banff and Jasper as I had taken in the 2 weeks before hand. I’ve just gone through some of the highlights for you.

The first is of the Vancouver Legislature building

We left Vancouver Island last Sunday morning and headed towards the Rockies. This image was shot while going up the gondola to Sulphur Mountain looking down on the Banff township.

The wildlife we’ve seen includes a black bear, a few mountain sheep wandering around near the side of the road as well as a few Canadian geese on the lakes around Banff. We have seen more but not too many photos of them all.

There was a stunning sunset at the same lakes as the geese above. We got a couple of rainbows, rain, and stunning light on Mt Rundle.

Moraine Lake

A very cheeky chipmunk

Peyto Lake. Aunty Bev said this is the first time she has seen it with a reflection like this. You can click on the photo for the desktop size.

Nick and I found this beautiful spot on the road up to Jasper. The second one is desktop size.

Lake Beauvert (Desktop size again)

The family in front of Lake Cavell and Mount Edith Cavell – Jasper National Park (The first one is desktop size)