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Weekly posts that include a few thought provoking paragraphs, a contemplation point, and a photo.

Testimonial Power

It seems I wasn’t able to keep up the WordPress Weekly for too long. I skipped out on blogging last week. I hope my thoughts were missed by some, but I just had too much to do. This week is no different really, but I wanted to post something. I’ve kind of made up for last week with this post because it’s so long… I hope you have the time to read it all. I probably won’t get around to posting a daily photo for the rest of this week but we’ll see how we go. Don’t forget to check out what I’m reading on the web here: My Shared Items from Google Reader. Add this to your RSS feeds to see what I’m reading about and liking enough to share. Speaking of sharing, if you like what you’ve read, don’t forget to press one of the share buttons at the bottom of the post!

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Caught In The Act

I got back from Big Camp yesterday after a great week. It was a very wet week with plenty of rain, but I still managed to get sunburnt on the one morning of sun. In the evening meetings, our speaker, Iki Taimi, presented a number of quality sermons. I’ll be sure to talk about them in the coming weeks. He presented his stuff in a great way and challenged us to step up to the ‘jump zone’ and take the leap.

Today I’ve got a post about the story at the beginning of John 8 – the woman caught in adultery and some photos from Mesa Verde, Colorado. I’ve also got a new section for you: Music. I’ll be recommending individual songs or albums every week, and linking you to them on iTunes. Another thing you may be interested in if you are interested in this blog: My Shared Items from Google Reader. Add this to your RSS feeds to see what I’m reading about and liking enough to share. Continue reading

Why So Much Morbidity?

Another week has passed and it’s one week closer to the holidays. This week I’ve got a short post along with a link to a video from the Onion News Network. Don’t just read my thoughts, make sure you watch the clip too. Today’s photos are from Arches National Park, Utah, and another from Emerald Lake, in Canada. As for the video, please leave a comment – I’m curious to see what your thoughts are. Continue reading

Green Paradise

Good news. I recovered my photo library over the weekend so I am very happy about that! I will not be making mistakes like that for a long time. I have published a Desktop Wallpapers page this weekend too. If there are any of my photos that you would like for that purpose but are not available full size, please leave a comment and I may be able to upload a larger version. Today’s photos come from Montana and British Columbia — Glacier and Yoho National Parks respectively. My three part series on shining your light concludes this week also.

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Light Bulbs & Darkness

There has been a slight disaster in my life. Last night my new external hard drive failed and crashed. All is not lost, however, as I have a solution that works. I’m just lacking the time to let a computer run for 15 hours or more to restore it all. Hopefully I will get everything back in it’s correct order by next week. What this means, however, is that there are no weekly photos of mine for this post as they were all on the hard drive. I do have a backup of them, although, I’d rather get the most recent and edited versions if I can manage to do so.

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New Ideas — Bright Lights & Oregon Beauty

I’ve decided to start writing a weekly blog. I have found I have a heap of thoughts that I feel are important and interesting. I decided they need writing down so I may as well share them here. I’ve also just come back from a fantastic holiday in the US and Canada on which I took over 4000 photos so this will be somewhere I can post one or two a week as I slowly go through them. So here goes… I’ll see how many weeks I can go without missing a post. If you like what you read, you can share using the links at the bottom or comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! Continue reading