About Me & My Dream

Hi, I’m Karl. Welcome!

I’m a student for another year studying business management and international development. This blog is where I’ll be posting my thoughts as often as I find enough time to put them into words. At the moment I am trying to make at least one post a week. The idea is to share a brief thought, verse of the week, and a photo of the week.

Whenever I am away from home, my latest activities will be posted here as a news update for those at home who want to know what I’ve been up to. Outside of those posts will be some more of my recent photography and the occasional post about Love Missions. If you would like more, you can visit my photography portfolio on Redbubble or send me a message on the contact page.

About My Dream

During the last few months of 2008 I developed a God-given aspiration for mission programs based in Africa. Ideas flooded in and Love Missions slowly evolved. Many ideas have come and gone and plenty of plans were made and scrapped. However, the ultimate dream still remains. Through a variety of ways, I hope to bring the abundance of God’s love to the children and families of Africa.

I have seen the impact the StormCo initiative has had on the youth in Australia and I want to take it global. Love Missions will eventually coordinate teams of College and University students from a variety of backgrounds and bring them all together in the heart of Africa. These teams will get involved with building projects, kid’s ministry, and local evangelism. Each mission trip would provide team members opportunities to build a stronger relationship with God, make lots of new friends and gain an unforgettable experience of a mission trip beyond borders. These missions will enable many students to engage in the motto of Love Missions: Volunteer. Experience. Grow.

The second aspect of Love Missions will grow over time as the volunteer teams help build the site. Eventually Love Missions will comprise of a school, clinic, and an orphanage. The school will begin as a primary school and possibly expand into a secondary school as time passes. It would be staffed by long-term volunteers for periods of six or twelve months or even longer. My aim is to provide cheap education, if not free, that is delivered with a high quality. This will require substantial external funding from The West. The clinic will operate similar to a doctor’s surgery and be staffed by one or two doctors and a few nurses. The last project of the three to be put in place will be an orphanage. This will primarily be for those who have been orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS virus which is still a huge issue across Africa. The idea for the orphanage is to have some houseparents run it and look after the children. A cook will be employed to prepare meals for the extra large ‘family’.

Obviously, each of these projects will take time to get into full swing and each will need a significant amount of funding from donors. However, one of the benefits of recruiting students from multiple universities is that each will be have a separate fundraising base. As funds are donated, expansion will be possible and more people educated and cared for. I know my dreams are big, but there is no point aiming low when God is on your side. With God all things are possible!

For those that receive emails from me, you may have seen the following text in my signature. Paul writes in Philippians, “There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears”—Phil 1:6, The Message. I think you can see why I value it so much.


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