Canada Update

Canada has been amazing! We haven’t had the opportunity to stop much in the last week and have seen so much. In fact I have taken almost as many photos here in Banff and Jasper as I had taken in the 2 weeks before hand. I’ve just gone through some of the highlights for you.

The first is of the Vancouver Legislature building

We left Vancouver Island last Sunday morning and headed towards the Rockies. This image was shot while going up the gondola to Sulphur Mountain looking down on the Banff township.

The wildlife we’ve seen includes a black bear, a few mountain sheep wandering around near the side of the road as well as a few Canadian geese on the lakes around Banff. We have seen more but not too many photos of them all.

There was a stunning sunset at the same lakes as the geese above. We got a couple of rainbows, rain, and stunning light on Mt Rundle.

Moraine Lake

A very cheeky chipmunk

Peyto Lake. Aunty Bev said this is the first time she has seen it with a reflection like this. You can click on the photo for the desktop size.

Nick and I found this beautiful spot on the road up to Jasper. The second one is desktop size.

Lake Beauvert (Desktop size again)

The family in front of Lake Cavell and Mount Edith Cavell – Jasper National Park (The first one is desktop size)


4 thoughts on “Canada Update

  1. Grandma

    Hello Karl and all,

    We have been waiting for some news from Canada and now we have it. It appears you are having a great time. How much time will we need after “homecoming” will we need to see even some of your pictures. It is certainly a beautiful place and from the picture of the family you all seem to be doing quite well.

    We have just spoken with Steve on the phone. He has arrived back from Ireland tonight. He sounds fine and we will see him in a day or two.

    Love from us both. Grandpa

  2. Allan Lindsay

    Hi Karl and family

    Wow! What pictures. Great to see places we have visited but you look as though the weather has been much better than for us. We are much impressed by the quality and beauty of your photos. I have put the photo of Crater Lake as the picture I see every time I put on the computer. The family all look well. Give our love the my dear sister and Danny. Hope they are well and that the holiday continues to be so much enjoyed. I am teaching at the Aboriginal School in Western Australia at the moment till Monday week. Gran joins me in sending you all our love. Travel safely. Hope dad’s arm is better so he can be driving.

    Much love from both of us to you all.


  3. Kym Piez

    Oh, your photos are eye candy for the soul. They are so gorgeous! Planning on selling your soul? I think you could make a small fortune! Enjoy the last of your holidays! xx


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