Mt Shuksan

Our next stop after Mt Rainier was right up near the border of the US and Canada. Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest is the name of the area, so it is not a national park. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a beautiful spot. Mt Baker is over 10,000 ft and, just nearby, Mt Shuksan rises 9000 ft above sea level. Unfortunately, the road that leads up to Artist Point providing spectacular views of Mt Baker was still closed after winter with so much snow around. This left us just with Mt Shuksan to admire.

Picture Lake is the classic place to photograph this mountain and we caught it there as the light was fading into dusk, with the shadows slowly climbing the mountain. The first of the shots below is of the sunset light on the mountain, another of the same lake the next day, and a third of the family standing around in the snow. The first two are desktop size if you click through to see them full size.

Because Mt Baker is so huge, you can see it from miles and miles away. I’ve also included a photo of the mountain shot from the Ferry to Vancouver Island to give you an idea of its enormity. Even while driving around here on the island, you can still see it on a clear day from the right spot!


2 thoughts on “Mt Shuksan

  1. Grandma

    We have been very interested in your travels and the pictures. Of course we wish we we there enjoying it all with you all. We are glad that your first encounters with bears was not disastrous. We will keep watching as you keep travelling. Love you all. Grandpa.

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