Mount Rainier

On Tuesday morning we got up at 4:35 am to get to the sunrise of Mount Rainier. We had slept in our clothes to keep warm as the day before had been bitterly cold. I was definitely glad I had packed my snow gloves. Unfortunately, there was plenty of fog and low cloud obstructing a clear view of Rainier, but we headed up to Sunrise Point anyway to see what was there. It turned out that the elevation of Sunrise (6,600 ft) was above most of the cloud so we had a better view. Of course, at 5 o’clock in the morning, at 6,600 feet, it’s going to be cold. Even in summer. By the time we were leaving, my fingers had almost frozen off, even with the gloves on. Here are two shots from that morning. The first is Mt Rainier, with the sun lighting up the mountain face, and the second is on the way back down as we drove through the clouds. The second one is sized for desktop wallpapers, but the first one is not.


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