First Few Days

I have finally got time to post my notes from the first couple of days. Here it is…

We made it to the United States on Monday morning and got frustrated at the locals almost immediately. The airport officials would not let us wait for Annalise to land which caused her much distress when she finally did get off her plane. The four of us finally made it out of the airport and caught the shuttlebus to the car rental office.

Traveling on the righthand side of the road is quite a change. Unfortunately the car rental company wouldn’t let me drive because the car has more than five seats. That means that Mum has to drive the whole way to Wyoming. Speaking of the car, we are driving around in a Chrysler Town & Country. It’s a great car for trekking around the country and has some pretty fun features. We are going to make a video tour of the car and post it here towards the end of next week.

We stayed at Sequoia National Park on our first night. It was quite a nice place and we fell asleep to the sound of a waterfall and rushing river. We started late the following day and did some shopping in Fresno before heading north to Yosemite on Highway 41.

I have just written this post on Nick’s iPod Touch as we head north on the highway. WordPress has a feature that allows me to email my blog post for publishing so I will email it next time I get an internet connection.


One thought on “First Few Days

  1. Kym Piez

    Oh I can’t believe they won’t let you drive after you double – checked. I certainly hope your mum can drive as well as get up early for those early morning shots you were taking 🙂 And things might be better now that Dad is there too.


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