Project Thirteen

This post is an update on Love Missions. Some of you know about my dream for Love Missions, but many may still be in the dark. There is more information in the attached document. My recent trip to Uganda gave me a lot to think about in relation to the future and where I want it to take me. The day blogged about in the Another Great Day post was one of great significance in planning the next steps.

I’ve given my plan the name Project Thirteen because of the year it will happen in. The idea is to go back to Uganda with a bunch of friends at the beginning of 2013. We would be there for four to five months in total. The group would be about 10 people made up of friends who are teachers and nurses mainly. They would volunteer in a small school and clinic for the duration of the trip. The idea of the trip is for me to scout around and look for somewhere to set up shop and generate a little bit of publicity for what I am wanting to do. A camera man will also be on the trip to film the experiences had by each of the volunteers and the various journeys they are going through.

After the trip is over, I will have a bit of promotional material in the form of video to get the idea to the outside world and the target audience. I don’t know how that will happen yet, but I do have three years to plan. The reason it’s three years is because I still have two years until I graduate from my course. I then want to work for a year to earn a bit of money for everything. All the extra details I’ve skipped are in the PDF document attached as well as a more in-depth description of my Love Missions idea on page two.

Click here to get to the document


One thought on “Project Thirteen

  1. Roxanne Bailey

    Absolutely awesome Karl!!! Well written as well as photo documented! Made tears come to my eyes! You go with God!


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