Another 2 flights complete. That’s 6 for this year, another 4 to go. I’m now back in Australia and home. On all three flights headed home there was a breakfast meal. So I’ve had a lot of scrambled egg and mushrooms. And for the other meals I had pasta (again).

The flight out of Johannesburg was quite empty, so I got a whole row of three seats to myself. I made good use of all of them at various stages through the flight. I got to see more of Singapore Changi Airport this morning. Once again, it’s an awesome airport! Singapore Airlines had overbooked the flight to Sydney, however, and was looking for volunteers to get on a flight a couple of hours later. I wasn’t too impressed but they ended up finding me a seat.. Right in the middle of the plane. No aisle seats were available. We were supposed to take off at 7 so when that past I presumed boarding had closed. There was still a whole row in front of me empty, so I moved and got some freedom, hoping for another comfortable flight. It wasn’t to be, as a family of 6 from Singapore showed up and I had to move back to my original seat.

The flight wasn’t so bad though, I was still able to get some decent sleep before arriving in Sydney. It was a little rough on the descent though, causing me to want to get rid of that pasta but I chose to keep it. Getting through customs was the last step. I lost a small African drum I had thought may not be allowed through. It was raw animal hide and needed fumigating at a cost of $60. It only cost about $10 so I didn’t bother. I found out that my Rhino’s head had come off too. I’m hoping some superglue will fix it up enough.

It is certainly good to be home!


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