Entebbe to Johannesburg

It seems that when ever I need to wake up really early for something important, my body knows it and won’t let me miss it. This morning, that meant being awake at 3:30 instead of 4:15 so I haven’t had much sleep. My wake up call was 5-10 minutes late, not that it mattered though. I went down to reception at 4:30 when they had said that breakfast would be on, but no one was there. Went back to my room and finished packing. When they did call me with the wake up call, I went down and found out about breakfast.

It wasn’t great. They gave me three pieces of fruit, which took forever to come out, and then, by the time they brought out the ‘meal’ it was 5am and I needed to go already. It didn’t bother me because it was some sort of fried egg, potato and some small pieces of chicken. Thanks for asking what I wanted. So, my advice if you are ever in Entebbe, don’t stay at the Central Inn. It was all good anyway, because the breakfast served by SA Airways was amazing.

The flight was a good one. I felt a little uneasy in the stomach a little, but it settled down after a while. The shortest flight is now done. After getting through the process here in Jo’burg, I went to the watch shop and tried to get my battery replaced, but unfortunately he didn’t have the right size battery. I’ll try again in Singapore if I have the time.

I should go and get some food before boarding the next flight. It’s the long one.


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