In Hot Water

I got up early this morning (6:30), hoping for one last African sunrise, because I will be in the plane sitting on the tarmac tomorrow when it rises. I took a look outside and conditions appeared to be favourable. So I got my camera and tripod and took them out with the mission of being a little more creative this time. Although the sunrise was not as spectacular and colourful as it was last time, I think I got some better photos with the extra creativity thrown in. I’ll find out in Jo’burg when I edit my photos there to pass time.

The next step was to finish packing my things. It didn’t take too long as most had been done last night. My plan for the day was to leave ADRA at about 11, go down and see the beaches in Entebbe to see the vast Lake Victoria and also take a wander around the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo). However, I was still waiting for the driver to return at 1 pm. Apparently he had to take someone to hospital for something so it took a while. I went and had lunch, and then we finally left at about 3:45. I had figured this would rule out the zoo, but we found out it closed at 6:30 so we dropped my things at the hotel and went back to take a wander. That was pretty cool.. I got to see some of the animals that usually run wild in Africa.

We then went down to the beach to see Lake Victoria. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. It just looks like Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne – a beach with no waves and nothing on the horizon. Ever since I got here I have been confused with where my easts and wests are, I think it’s because the sun is behind me when I look north. So when I looked on the map, I was expecting to be on the beach with the sun setting over the water, but it turns out I was looking east. I don’t know what I was thinking! It wasn’t that great for pictures either so I took a couple of snaps and we left.

The hotel is very nice, I had dinner and ordered pasta and some hot chips, only to question my decision part way through when I remembered I’d been eating pasta for the last 3 weeks. It was nice pasta though! Alfredo with mushrooms. I’ve also just enjoyed my first hot shower in 3 weeks. It was actually only warm, but still fantastic! As I write this, I’ve got some saxophone jazz floating through the window from the restaurant below and one of the songs was The First Noel.. Not so sure about how right that is being February.

I’ve set my wake up call for 4:25 and breakfast at 4:30. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow. I’ll be sleeping well on Friday night. My last day in the country has been a good one. The afternoon anyway..


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