Dreaming Big

Last night, while I was sitting in the foyer of the office on the internet, one of the kids who lives on the compound came down and chatted a bit. His name was Mark, he was 14 and just starting high school. Apparently he is one of the top students and when he’s finished in 6 years, he wants to be a surgeon or lawyer. He’s got big dreams, but the problem for him, and nearly all other African children, is that he wasn’t sure where he was going to get the money to go to a good university to continue into tertiary education and come out of it as a heart surgeon like his dreams.

I didn’t end up doing any ‘work’ today. Throughout the day I accomplished all the things I needed to. I was able to ask some questions about ADRA and get some documents for the report. I also paid for the things I’ve used here.

I cooked the last meal I had to make for myself tonight. But just as I was taking the last mouthful, the power went out for a while, so I went outside and took a few pictures for a while. They switched the generator on eventually, so I cleaned up and packed most of my stuff away. It feels like I’m going tomorrow but am only going to an Entebbe hotel.

One more day. Home soon.


3 thoughts on “Dreaming Big

  1. Dad

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Unfortunately for me it won’t be until Sunday night. Mum will pick you up Friday. Have a safe trip home. Home cooked food soon…

    Love, Dad


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