Relatively Cold

On friday I was back in the office. It will be the same for Monday and Tuesday. I added some files to the ADRA website which has been poorly maintained. And then didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Not much for them anyway. I just did some stuff on my computer with my photos. Both Edward and Esther were not in the office so I couldn’t get any information and / or jobs to do from them. Hopefully it will be better on Monday.

Yesterday was a horrible day in terms of the weather. I woke up to rain on the roof which wasn’t great because I only have a short sleeve shirt here with me. I went to the third English speaking church in the city. I think it was called Bunga Central. Unfortunately, their church is still being built too. The infrastructure is up, it just has no walls so we were open to the cold wind blowing in. The odd thing was that the car readout said that it was 22 degrees outside, which isn’t really that cold. I guess its all relative.

The rest of my day was relaxing back in my quarters.


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