Today I was hoping to go down to Entebbe and take a look at the beaches and see a small segment of the expanse of Lake Victoria down there. It didn’t turn out that way as I was having trouble finding someone who could take me. I eventually gave up waiting and went to find some lunch.

Things got a little stormy with some thunder and rain so I guess it was a good thing I didn’t end up going. It’s never nice on the beach in a storm, although it would have made for some awesome photography coming from the south. At about 3:15 pm, someone knocked on my door and it turned out to be the driver who had been taking us to the field during the week. He was going to take me into town. This brightened my day somewhat and we drove into the city. On one of the intersections, we were going to turn right, but then he changed his mind and we started to go straight through. However, the lights had already changed and the traffic cop directed us to the side of the road where he wanted to issue a ticket. He told me later that the ticket would have been 40,000/- ($20) and a loss of licence too I think but we got out of it with a bribe. The cops were happy with 10,000/- ($5) which is ridiculous!

They then allowed us to continue to our destination which was a small tourist area with about 40 small shops all selling souvenirs. I wandered around almost all of them until I had got what I was after. I did spend a lot today – it turned out that the shops at the equator weren’t as expensive after all. It wasn’t such a bad day after all.

So today I had 92 page views on my blog – That doesn’t mean 92 people, it means that some of you looked at a number of pages on the one visit, although, I did get 31 hits to the home page. It would be nice to hear from you too so do feel free to leave some comments on my last few days here. I added some more photos to facebook up until Wednesday last week so you can click on the photo below to see them.

I'm not sure what he was looking at, I wish he was look directly at the camera

And lastly, as a side note, I now have some of my photography for sale. I found this free website where you can upload your photos and they will do all the dirty work creating mattes, cards, laminated, mounted, or canvas prints, framed prints, or posters. They set the production price and you can add a percentage commission. It’s great. Feel free to place an order here or see all of my shots here.


One thought on “Disappointed

  1. Roxanne Bailey

    Hey Karl, Sorry that you haven’t been busier there!!! We sure do miss your smiling face here. Thanks for taking the time to journal your adventures, love reading them. See you soon.



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