Sugarcane Anyone?

I went out to one of the FAL groups today with the team. It was at an orphanage/school, where all the kids were at recess when we arrived so most of them just stared for a few minutes. Only a couple were game enough to say hello and smile for the camera. Some of them were terribly malnourished with the bloated gut protruding where it shouldn’t. I also saw some real mud huts today. These ones were mostly used as kitchens I think.

Moses was teaching them how to graft small saplings. Today they were grafting one variety of passionfruit vines onto the sapling. I had a few shots at it but failed. I gave up and did something more useful and covered the newly grafted plants with plastic bags.

While I was there, they offered me some roasted maize. It’s pretty much corn on the cob, only not boiled and cooked properly. It was fairly tough and dry – I’d eat it again, but I don’t think I’d ever buy any (unlike the roast banana I had the other day – I wouldn’t even eat that one). They also gave me a bit of sugarcane. I hadn’t had any of that for years – it’s good stuff.

Where we were was apparently only a few hundred metres from Lake Victoria so on the way back to the office, we stopped at the lake. It was only an inlet where we looked across to Entebbe and the airport, however it was still quite interesting. There is a continuous stream of boats coming and going crossing over to Entebbe which makes for quite a busy little ‘port’.

The rest of the day was good – we got back just after 7 so I had a nice evening. I tried some photography but there is a lot of light pollution. These ones turned out alright though when stacked together.


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