This is Africa

Today began with staff worship and announcements. Apparently there are some very important visitors coming over the next two months. Next week while I’m still here there will be some from ADRA Denmark to check out the projects they are supporting. Later, there will some from Sweden for similar reasons. There is a big water project coming up in Northern Uganda that is very important to ADRA Uganda. They mentioned that organisations such as Oxfam and World Vision had applied for funding to do this project but had been knocked back. ADRA, however, has been granted the project and everyone is busy working to have things ready for the day to mark the start of the project. They will need to impress the First Lady and the Minister who both will be there, as well as the Swedish visitors as they are one of the donor sources.

Because of all this activity in the near future, everyone was quite busy. When Edward was free I went and asked if there was any work that I could do. We worked out that I could do a little bit on their website for them, as well as possibly work on the 2009 Annual Report which has not yet been published. He lined that up with one of the other staff, and I just had to wait until she was ready. That turned out to be after lunch. All I ended up doing today was a 10 minute job updating the contact page of their website. I would have liked to do more but maybe I will be able to on Friday or next week. As they say, ‘This is Africa’.


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