North or South

I was ready for church on Sabbath at about 8:30 because I was not sure how far away the church I was going to was and what time I would be picked up. The church turned out to be quite close – it was the Mount Olive Adventist Church. At the moment they are worshiping in the front yard of one of the member’s property using a tent as shade. They did mention that they have purchasing property nearby and will be beginning the building process once the payment has been made. It was a very nice church, I would have liked to go back there again next week, but I’d also like to visit the only other English speaking church I haven’t been to yet.

Sunday’s plans were to go to the Entebbe beaches and markets but while I was delaying getting up my phone rang. Joshua was ringing with a change of plans. We were going to head to the equator.

So I got out of bed and got ready for an interesting day. It took us a while to leave, but we eventually got the keys to one of the ADRA vehicles (which ended up costing me a fair bit for mileage). After about two hours driving we finally arrived at the equator. We took the necessary photos and browsed the shops there. I bought a few souvenirs and something to eat and drink. I also paid $2.50 for one of the people there to demonstrate the draining water phenomenon. It was quite fascinating. Not sure if it was rigged or not.

On the way back we were stuck in a huge traffic jam when a police vehicle came through escorting some important person so, as you do in Africa, we joined the escort and skipped ahead in the queue about 1 km!! Joshua then took me to his house and gave me some dinner and we played some volleyball with his housemates in the backyard. I also got a small tour of the city on the way back to the office. It was an all-round top day!


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