Another Great Day

Yesterday (Thursday) was a great day. As I mentioned on the Wednesday post, it was the graduation day for all the Functional Adult Literacy learners. This meant I had to get up early so we could get to the field at a decent time to be able to start proceedings as soon as possible. Because I got up early, I was able to appreciate a wonderful sunrise. Just before 7, the sun peeked above the horizon as a giant, golden orb. To witness such and African sunrise was awesome! We then left for the field and on the way I asked a heap of questions about the state of the education and health systems. It gave me a lot to think about for the rest of the day. Once the program started, I lost all comprehension and was able to ponder my new knowledge.

There were a couple of volunteers from Israel there too so I wasn’t the only mzungu (white person) there. I talked to them briefly, they are here for 3 months working with an Israelite organisation running an orphanage, school and some women’s groups.

The day ended in a similar fashion to the way it started. Bright colours lay in the western sky as the sun disappeared behind the hills. It just so happened that we were driving along a ridge at the time so I was able to enjoy the close of the day as much as the beginning.

Today was similar to last friday. I worked on my report a little, and made a trip to the supermarket to restock my fridge and pantry. Yes, that does mean I have been cooking plenty of pasta. So far so good.

I also posted some more pictures this week. There are some of my living quarters and my activities over last weekend (Church and the Nile visit). Click on the photo below to get to the new ones. I have processed up to the amazing sunrise. I haven’t been through the rest of Thursday’s ones yet. I’ll do them Sunday morning hopefully.

African Sunrise

The Golden Orb Rises Over Africa


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