An Amazing Day

Today was awesome! Joshua and I left the compound with the hope of getting to Jinja somehow. It is about 70 km from the compound. So we jumped on a motorbike taxi who took us down the hill which was a lot of fun. He charged about 1000 shillings (50c). From the bottom of the hill Joshua asked around the van taxis to find out which were going to Jinja and their fare. We got in one and Sam, his nephew, joined us for the day. The ride took us about an hour and a half.

When we got out of the van, we caught another motorbike each which took us up to Bujangali Falls. They are crazy. I looked over the driver’s shoulder as we were flying down a hill at just over 60km/h on some dirt road. I was hoping very much that we didn’t hit some pot hole that would send us flying. It takes a lot of trust to get onto one of those things!! We spent a bit of time at the falls and then some heavy rain came over so we waited under some shelter before heading back into town. It was interesting because, as we were riding out, you could see where the rain had been. We didn’t get very far back south before the roads were dry and dusty again.

Our next stop: Lake Victoria’s meeting point with the mouth of the mighty Nile River. It was quite amazing to see the source of the longest river in the world. We had lunch here and then hopped in a typical Nile boat and the driver took us up to an island at the beginning of the Nile and then out into Lake Victoria briefly before returning to shore. We jumped on another motorbike to get to the place where the taxis leave for Kampala. We were back just after sunset after what had been a thoroughly enjoyed day. Photos will come some time later this week.


3 thoughts on “An Amazing Day

  1. Dad

    Sounds like a great day. Aren’t those little motorbike taxis crazy! You went in one when you were young in Pakistan. Good fun. Awesome to be at the mouth of the Nile! Great opportunity. Hope the week goes well. Love Dad

  2. Grandpa

    You make us a little envious as you mention the places you have seen and what you do each day. No doubt every day is different and there is much more to see. Glad you are able to enjoy it all. I remember your excitement as we drove from Lahore to Peshawar with the many different things we saw along the way.

    Love to you from Grandma and me.

  3. Krissie

    Wow Karl! That is CRAZY! Sounds like your having some mega fun! How amazing. Its great that ur typing ur memories down! you will lov it for ever. Well I hope you keep enjoying your trip. What an experience. God Blessings 🙂
    🙂 🙂


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