The Silent Preacher

Well. What a weekend. I didn’t do much on Friday. Some of the staff here took me into town to change money and then to the supermarket so I could by some supplies. However, most of the day I spent at the office. On Sabbath, Fred took me into the city to the Kampala City Central church. It is the biggest English speaking church in Kampala yet they didn’t speak much English from the pulpit at all.

The day was their ‘Deaf Ministries Day’. Apparently, they have been translating everything through sign language for a few weeks for the deaf people in the community and yesterday was their big day. Which meant that the service was taken by the deaf folk. So the preacher was silent as we listened to someone else communicating with us his message. It was a good morning. They got the visitors to sign a visitor book and then read out the names of us all during the welcome. We had to stand up and ‘be welcomed’ which was nice. There were also two pastors from the US there for some reason. I wasn’t able to talk to them so did not find out anything. I came home for lunch and then basically slept the afternoon away. It was very good after such a long week.


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