Unusual Cravings

Today was another incredibly long day. We left the office at 8 headed to one of the villages where they had scheduled a meeting with all the volunteers involved in the HAAP project. We got there at 10 and the meeting started not long after. They are coming to the end of the project on ADRA’s behalf in April and were discussing the options for sustainability after ADRA pulls out. It was supposed to go until lunch time so I was hoping that I might even be able to get back early today but not so.

They kept talking and talking until finally they stopped for lunch. I was grateful for By this time it was already 3 pm and after an hour lunch break they continued. There were three items left on the agenda which took over 30 minutes each! I had been sitting there for almost 8 hours not understanding a single word all day. I bet not many of you have craved English very often! I was missing some conversation but was able to get a little on the long drive home so that made the day a little better.

Just some interesting facts: Last night, I bought 500 grams of salt for 500 shillings which is 25 cents!! And the RRP for a 300 mL soft drink is 600 shillings. That’s 1 cent for 10 millilitres. Things are so cheap here. Tomorrow should be a good day – I’m staying here at the office which finishes at lunch time so I’m hoping to be able to post some pictures up tomorrow afternoon.


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