The Lessons of Drama

Another very long day today. It started with another cold shower – I have to find out how to turn the hot water system on but am never here during the day time. I joined the staff here for their morning devotion which was taken by an Australian who is visiting here also. Pr Price, I think his first name is Alan, and Pr Thor Pederson are here from Australia also. Pr Price said he knows most of my family and spoke highly of you all.

Our travels today took us to another part of the HAAP where a volunteer was teaching a group of villages a drama. The dramas they perform teach the audience something about human rights as well as the HIV/AIDS problem. Mabel, the woman in charge of this project said that people respond to drama, as it shows them how some of their actions do not comply with human rights. She said that most of the time they attempt to change but change always takes time. Most of the plays focus on HIV/AIDS as well.

Today they were practicing a play that will teach the audience about three different things. It is about a family whose father gave his daughter away in marriage to a man who had AIDS from previous marriages. He ended up dying at the end. The three lessons are gender inequality, as the daughter was given away but not the son, HIV/AIDS awareness, and children’s rights to education, as she was given away to pay for school fees for their son much to the mother’s distress.

It was all in Luganda so I didn’t understand any of it, but Mabel explained the story as they went along. We finished there at about 6:30 and began the slow trip home. I was able to cook some pasta for dinner at 8:30 when we finally made it home.


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