First Day at Work

Today has been a very long day. This is partly because of minor jet-lag and partly because of the amount of driving. Booker, who picked me up from the airport said I could sleep in a little so I did that, and then woke up and organised my dwellings. A cold shower took away all traces of sleep and I was able to go down to the office by 10 am.

The receptionist showed me around and then I had a meeting with Esther, the Director of Programmes, Edward, Acting Country Director and Finance Director, and Salini, the Project Manager for the HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme (HAAP). They then let me have another rest before a Ugandan lunch and a long drive to the field. Here the traffic is very bad and the roads are terrible so it took us over 2 hours to get to our destination only about 50 km away.

The project we visited is training some local people to grow seedlings and make money out of the agriculture industry. They are mainly growing coffee beans as well as some variety of lemons and mangos. I was able to sit and watch as they were taught how to graft small saplings to save the time it takes for the tree to mature. We finally got back to the office at 9:10 pm so I should go and get some sleep now. I’m going back to the field tomorrow and leaving soon after 8 am.


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