First Impressions

Flying into Entebbe is beautiful, especially on sunset. As I walked across the tarmac to the building I got a small reminder of Mozambique. There is a certain smell here, similar to what hung in the air down in Mozambique. I think it is from all the rubbish that burnt. The airport is much nicer and busier than the Mozambique one. Booker, the PR officer at ADRA who picked me up, said it is because Uganda is a mid point for many other flights from all around the region. It took a little while to wait in line for a Visa as another plane had arrived from Kenya at the same time but I had no troubles with that as ADRA is well known here. I then collected my bag and walked through to arrivals and met Booker.

We then started heading for Kampala. The roads are insane here, the motorbikes make it a little dangerous in my opinion. They operate as taxis and weave through the traffic causing some incredible near misses in front of us as we slowly made our way along the road. We got into Kampala and stopped in at the 24 hour supermarket. They sell everything in there. If I needed to, I could have bought a Samsung LED TV, a stereo system, a fridge and plenty more. Instead, I just got some cereal, milk, bread and water. The security guards there all had rifles slung over their shoulders!

Another few minutes drive and we got to the ADRA compound. Booker showed me to my room and I took my stuff in and said good night. It is quite a nice little set of rooms. I’ve got a living room with table and couch, a bedroom, and a bathroom. It’s quite an interesting city, I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.


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