Two Down, One to Go

Another flight complete. Singapore to Johannesburg in 10 hours. I got much more sleep on this flight but I am still very tired. At 36000 feet the sunrise was quite nice even though the cloud cover was substantial. I had a window seat right above the front of the wing and was again blessed with a vacant seat next to me. That made it much easier to make myself comfortable enough to get some sleep. As a side note, star gazing is awesome at that altitude although quite uncomfortable. I think I saw four shooting stars in about three minutes.

As we started the descent, we entered the heavy cloud cover. It was a little daunting looking out the window and not even seeing the engine clearly yet knowing that we were lining up for a runway that no one could see. When we finally did emerge out of the clouds, we wouldn’t have been much higher than 100 metres above the ground. I’m sitting at the observation deck while waiting for check in to open and the conditions haven’t changed much. Technology these days…

I’ve been told that check-in for my flight opens at 10:30 am and the flight is at 2 pm so I’ve got a long wait. We landed at 7 am so it’s going to be a long day. But I will be in Uganda at the end of it. So far, so good.


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