Flight Three

I thought I’d write this while flying over Lake Victoria and copy it to the blog later. These are some of my random thoughts during this flight, which, until now, has been the best flight of all three. We are now experiencing a small amount of turbulence. The captain just told us to switch off our electronic devices as we are nearing the destination so I will have to finish this later.

So.. I’m now here in Uganda. It’s Monday night at 10:30. My random thoughts on the plane were these. I loved looking at the clouds – yes, I got another window seat with no one sitting next to me again :). Clouds look so different from above and the third-dimension of some that stand up in pillars is just awesome. Another thought I had was that I was a long way up looking at the continent as a land mass. It struck me that where I was looking, there were probably many small villages of people who are suffering and impoverished. Then we began to cross Lake Victoria. This lake is huge – and quite picturesque from the sky. And the sun setting as we landed made it that much more enjoyable.

They were my random thoughts that came across my mind as I watched the clouds fly beneath us. My first impressions of the place that hit me once I was on the ground will hopefully be written tomorrow.


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