First Stop @ Singapore

I’ve made it to Singapore. Some facts: Most of the journey was at 38000 ft at about 900km/h groundspeed. It was quite a good flight, with very little turbulence. I was very lucky at Sydney airport because I am “fairly tall” I was offered a seat by the emergency exit. And the added bonus on top of that is that the seat next to me was vacant. However, I could not see out the window from where I was sitting because it was in the emergency door. I watched the sunset out the window though as we flew over Lake Eyre. That was pretty good. The food was also good. It was fettachiniĀ pasta with some mushroom topping – best aeroplane food I’ve ever had!!

Coming into Singapore is crazy. The harbour is lit up like a christmas tree, there were ships everywhere. It made me wonder how they queue up for the dock. The airport here is awesome. I caught a train from one terminal to the next!! Walking through this place is crazy. I’m now sitting outside gate E11 using their free WiFi. I’m hoping to get a lot more sleep than I got on the last flight – I feel like it’s almost 4am.

Two more flights to go but with a seven hour wait in between. I’ll have to find something to do in Johannesburg. Maybe a few of you will be up and online by then..

Sunset over Lake Eyre

Plenty of room to move about.


One thought on “First Stop @ Singapore

  1. Dad

    Good news. Hope the rest goes well. Nice to see the blog. It looks good. Just as well you didn’t have a baby bassinet next to you. That was a good change of seat. Hope you got more sleep on the next flight. God bless! Dad


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